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Chamber Minutes   December 2003 Minutes Ortonville

Chamber Minutes – December 2003 Meeting
The Greater Ortonville Chamber of Commerce December luncheon meeting was held at noon on December 2nd at Brandon High School. The minutes are as follows:
The meeting was called to order be President Robert Renchik.
The Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report Reviewed
The cost of the cookbooks was discussed. Members were asked to pick up a case of the cookbooks to sell if they have not done so already. Shari Westphal stated that she has been calling and will continue to call Chamber members to ask them to help sell the cookbooks. The expenses for December were also discussed. The Treasurer’s report was approved

Ballots were distributed for the election of a new Board of Directors for 2004. There were three write in nominations from the floor. Robert McArthur was nominated as a write in candidate for Trustee by Russ Govette. Jackie Nowicki nominated Bridget Huhes as a write in candidate for Secretary. Sue Bess was nominated as a write in candidate for Vice President by Sharon Williams. The ballots were collected and counted by Fred Waybrant. Results of the election were as follows:
President – Russ Govette
Vice President – Sue Bess
Secretary – Bridget Hughes
Treasurer – Linda Moskal
Trustees– Robert McArthur and Terri Stiles.

Proposal for Chamber Spending
Russ Govette brought “Policy and Procedure” guidelines that have been discussed over the past few months. The guidelines proposed the current Treasurer and Board developing a budget at the end of the fiscal year will be used for the following year. Items in the budget would fall into three classifications:
Operating expenses, capital expenses, and non-standard items. In earlier meetings there was debate over the amount the Board could spend without approval of the general membership. The compromised reached was $750.00.

Paul Zelenak suggested adding a line in the procedures to clarify that the $750.00 can only be spent on already approved Operating and/or Capital Expenses. Russ stated he would add that the $750.00 would only apply to a previously approved line item which would not include non-standard items. It was discussed and decided the budget would be brought to the general membership in October for discussion through November for final approval at December’s meeting.

A separate discussion was started by Bridget Hughes asking whether or not we should start having an independent audit of the books each year. After discussion, it was decided that the books are currently open for anyone to view at any time and two signatures are required on any check written which provides enough protection against any misuse of funds. The audit idea was not approved.

Russ ended the discussion of the proposed Policy and Procedures by emphasizing that this would be a “living document” subject to change and adapt as needed by the Chamber in the future. Jay Stark made a motion that the Policy and Procedures document be adopted with the changes as discussed. Sharon Williams seconded the motion. It was approved unanimously by the general membership.

There was discussion and updates on the cookbooks. The cookbooks need to be picked up at Sharon Williams office or she will deliver them.

Christmas in the Village
Stacey Kent reviewed the plans for Christmas in the Village. She is still seeking donations for the children’s events. There are about a dozen restaurants participating in the “Taste of Ortonville”. Mike Bray from Ortonville Baptist Church is organizing the event. The Gingerbread House contest is back on again at 9:30 at the Mann Schoolhouse. Prizes were changed to Peoples’ Choice only with first place $100, second $50, third $35. The Vantine’s were booked for the hayride.

Change in Annual Dues
It was propoed that the annual dues be increased to accommodate new programs and benefits. We have 120 paying members. There was a motion to increase the dues by $10.

Nature Reserve
Lois Robbins spoke about the success of the 2003 Creekfest. A committee is needed for 2004.

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