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Chamber Minutes   October 2003 Minutes Ortonville

Greater Ortonville Chamber of Commerce
Meeting Minutes – October 2003 Meeting

The Greater Ortonville Chamber of Commerce luncheon meeting for October 2003 was held at noon on October 7 at Brandon High School. The minutes are as follows:

The meeting was called to order by President Robert Renchik.

Treasurer’s Report
Midge Bauman, Treasurer, provided the Treasurer’s report and it was approved. Bridget Hughes questioned why lunch money collections had decreased. Robert indicated that Shari Westphal, Recording Secretary for the chamber, is now collecting luncheon funds at the door.

New Curriculum Development Assistant for Brandon High School Superintendent
Bart Jenniches introduced his new Assistant of Curriculum Development, Sue May. Sue will be handling the development of school curriculum for grades K-12, as well as the technology programs.

Proposal for Chamber Spending
Sharon Williams asked for a vote on restricting chamber spending over $500 to a vote by the general membership, as was done in the past. Robert had asked Kirk Falvay, attorney (prior to today’s meeting) to review the bylaws and provide his input. Robert indicated that he had been operating under paragraph 2 of Kirk’s response. It reads: “typically, most organizations would operate in the following fashion. Each year the officers of the organization would present to the Board of Directors a proposed budget for the next fiscal year outlining expected revenues and proposed spending amounts. The expenditures would be listed by various categories, and the budget would be approved by the Board.

The Board may or may not establish a requirement that any individual expenditures within any category require Board approval. The officers would thereafter be acting within their authority by making expenditures that were within the budget The Treasure would provide a monthly accounting of activities to the Board, which would be approved at the Board meeting.” There was brief discussion on the floor; Russ Govette recommended reviewing past and proposed ideas in search of a middle ground, and Sharon agreed to work with him on a new proposal.

Taste of Home
Jim Misener invited everyone to the Taste of Home Cooking School, sponsored by The County Line Reminder, which will be held at Brandon High School on Thursday, November 6. There are exhibitor booths available from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. Price is $35 or $20 with purchase of advertising in the Cooking Show section of The County Line Reminder. For more information, contact Jim Misener at 248-627-2843.

Final accounting is not complete but despite the cold morning, turnout was good. There were 108 crafters. The chamber donates $2,500 to the fest which provides funding for the dunk tank and entertainment.

“Computers for Seniors” Project
Fred Howard from the Senior Center requested donations of no-longer-needed computers and peripherals for use by senior in the area. Computers provide seniors with new stimuli. Through the center and the donated equipment, they learn how to use a computer, how to search to find information about their health, about activities going on around them, hobbies and other items of interest. In addition, each computer is given board, card and casino slot games. For more information or to donate, please call Fred Howard at 248-627-3111 or e-mail

Next Chamber Luncheon
All businesses are invited to attend the next Greater Ortonville Chamber of Commerce general membership luncheon at noon on Tuesday, November 11 at Brandon High School. Please call Shari Westphal to R.S.V.P. at 248-627-8079.

The meeting was adjourned.

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